1. Entrance examinations
  • Oral questions to a pupils begins , exams will be collected due to his/her level
  • Exam will be done on the date and time indicated on the form.
  • A questionnaire should be filled as well.
  • The results will be out within five working days
  • The pass mark is determined by the admission office and may not be disclosed to parents.
  • The school reserves the right of not disclosing marks achieved by a particular pupil.
  1. Interview
    Reasons for doing interview is to :-
  • To determine the real ability of a pupil
  •  To measure the  English level
  •  To know the behavior/moral values
  •  To  know the Age/appearance
  •  To know the health condition
  • To his/her background  progress
  1. Admission starts
  • The Academic office will submit written document for approval
  •  The Head teacher will provide a written payment structure to the parent
  • Through the will of the parent  , the head teacher will appeal partial registration
  • After payment, parent should get the joining instruction from the admission office and complete registration procedures.
  • The Head teacher office will approval for full registration.
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