FUTURE  PLANS

                      WHAT IS NEW IN DAILY LIFE SCHOOLS?

Daily Life Schools  is one among the private schools consists both the Pre & Primary English Medium School with registration numbers: EA.01/7/EA.100 for Pre and EM.01/7/100 For Primary. The school is located in Kidugalo Chanika, Ilala one of the District of  Dar es salaam.It is a Boarding and Day school for both boys and girls, it is 2killometers from Chanika Mwisho. The school has the best environment for teaching and learning with Excellent Education offered at very affordable fees.

Daily Life Schools has affordable  fees  paid in four instalments. We have teachers with excellent reputations,commitment,competence  and great experience in a wide teaching sectors of different levels. Our teaching Philosophy  aimed at keeping children Healthy, mentally,and   spiritually


  1. To Add  tuition fees,transport fees  with good paying entries to customers
  2. To solve the problem of pupils’ transportation with suitable schools’ buses
  3. To expand/ add dormitories  over number of  pupils
  4. To solve the problem of water supply  such as  water  without salinity,/salt
  5. To expand the school library with basic computer facilities
  6. To  add/improve the food supply for pupils
  7. To improve  academic performance to meet our mission and vision
  8. To increase the number of enrollment  to both pupils and worker.
  9. To restructure the environment that supports the learning  process
  10.   To Communicate   with customers  through online networking      system

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